Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Finding the Answer

The answer is not 42. It is not 21, 7, or 1 million. The answer is 49.

It is the one of the best experiences in life. It might be the most addictive concoction on the planet. If there is a Heaven, this is what is served with the milk and honey.

The meaning of life is found on page 49 of the 1985 edition of Betty Crocker's Chocolate Cookbook under the heading "Fudgy Brownies." Don't bother with the newer versions of this recipe; they aren't the same. No, the only answer that matters is in that one special book. Technically, it is only a partial answer. The unwritten secret is an additional two cups of dark chocolate chunks, unmelted and added right before baking.

No matter how bad a day might be, brownies make everything okay. But the brownies on page 49? Wow. Simply… wow.

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