Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My Random Thoughts Needed a Home

Assorted associations, drawn from the
Curious contemplations of a mind that engages in
Miscellaneous musings, produce the
Random ruminations found on this blog.
Quirky questions certain to offer
Withering wisdoms on the human condition.

Welcome to the Inklings of a mind than seldom rests. If you find yourself watching people and wondering "Why?" from time to time (or on a daily basis), you might enjoy this blog. If you look around and can't decide if you should laugh or cry, join me and laugh so hard you cry. There's really little alternative — life is short, so you might as well mock existence.

I maintain several supposedly serious blogs, but there is nothing more serious than the quest for humor in existence. I hope to post here at least monthly, but there's enough source material to post daily. Maybe there's enough source material to post several times a day when I dare to venture beyond the front steps of our house. That's why I like to stay home and play with the cats.

If you don't like your humor dry, dark, and sarcastic (and often sardonic), then you probably won't enjoy this little gray corner of the blogosphere. If, however, you do find people remarkably funny in their little tribes and herds, trying hard to be different like everybody else, then this space might entertain you.

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